Finding the courage to create a joyful life

Setting a clear intention is one of the most pivotal actions to take when changing your health is what you desire.

Working as a healthcare professional for almost 20 years now has given me a huge chance to exercise my listening skills. especially when it comes to working with people who are in battle with some type of ill-health. Over the years, the most frequently asked question that I have heard is this ( and it is usually prefaced by the statement  “No one has been able to help me”) “Is there anything you can do to get me better?”

In my early days of practice I would move into my  role as reassuring provider. That is, until I learned this powerful secret.

Only the person with the illness, or dis-ease can create healing within themselves.

Think about it….you can apply any number of pills, lotions, potions, medical procedures, etc. to a problem or condition, but it is only what your body does with the treatment that makes any difference.

Many individuals look at me like I am crazy after I have told them that I can’t DO anything to change their condition. Only their body can change their condition by BEING in the space for healing to occur.

The BEING space of healing starts with setting a clear intention about what it is that you are asking your body to accomplish. It also requires a willingness to listen and do what your body directs you to do to reach that outcome.

Here is an example: An lady names Serena came into my office seeking chiropractic treatment for pain and numbness that she was experiencing in her shoulder and neck. She informed me that she had been dealing with these problems for more than 3 years. She then proceeded to give me a laundry list of all of the Doctors she had seen, procedures she had done, medications she had taken, exercise regimes that she had tried, braces and supports she had worn. The list was long and extensive. It was obvious that the medical approach she was taking was not giving her the result she desired.

It was time for Serena to take her healing to the next level.  This is where Serena and I had a conversation about her Intention for  Healing.

I asked Serena the simple question of “What do you want?”  Her immediate response was that she wanted to be out of pain and to be able to use her arms and hands freely so she could live her life. She wanted to do things like play tennis again and be able to hold her child without it causing pain or making her feel like she was going to drop her.

My next question was “What are you willing to do to get what you want?” Serena replied with the standard answer saying she would do anything to create a pain free life again.

I asked Serena if she would be willing to change her job to get rid of the pain.  Here she squirmed but said that she would if she had to. I asked her if she would be willing to look at the emotions like anger, or emotional situations that might be creating or perpetuating her pain. At this point in our conversation Serena became agitated and quite insistent that there was no anger that was causing her pain. I knew we were on to something with her response. What I was looking for though was her willingness with her stated intention. So I asked again. “Are you willing to look at and clear out the emotional components of your physical complaint?”  Serena was so agitated by the question, and so un-willing to step into her emotions that she ended the consultation shortly thereafter and left the office.

What is there to learn from Serena? 

First and foremost is that there must be a clear intention for healing to take place.  Second, With a clear intention there must also be an unwavering willingness to  do things that seem very uncomfortable or that launch us into the unknown. And finally, we must be willing to listen to ourselves,  and listen to our bodies to find the answers for ourselves.

This is what Serena did…

Serena left the office agitated and flustered, but the conversation kept replaying for her.  As she took in the message she decided to dig in and really listen to what her body was telling her.  After a short time of learning to gently support her body with physical care, taking the time to examine her thoughts and emotions, and surrendering the healing process to her spirit, Serena found success.  It took her 4 short months to heal what she had suffered with for years.

That my friends is the Wild Joy and the Art of Whole Body Healing.


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