Finding the courage to create a joyful life

About Wild Joys Living

  Hi! My Name is Laurie. Thank you for joining me in my adventure!

What adventure, you ask?   The adventure I call The Wild Joys of Living!

Why would you care about my adventure?  Let me tell you a little bit about myself so you can decide

Who I am…..Most of my Wild Joys journey has been  learning how to love fully and create wholeness within myself.  For many years I have battled with never feeling good enough, never feeling like I measure up always believing that my life and my relationships were incomplete or less-than and all the while doing everything in my power to prove to the world (myself?) that none of it was true. I raced after degrees and credentials, I ran my own private chiropractic practice, I was the model single mom doing and being it all, for everyone else, all the time.  I was miserable! Yet, I struggled to find the courage to change myself and my world.When I did dig up my courage my critical inner voice would convince me that I was stupid or crazy or just plain not good enough to create what I wanted. In fact that inner voice was so loud that I would soon find a way to sabotage all the good things that would come into my life, all the while proving once again how unlovable and not good enough that I was. My mantra became I suck!  That is until I reached down really deep in my soul and made friends with that critical inner voice learning to use it as a tool rather than letting it be my master. That was really the pivotal shift that really opened me to Wild Joy Living.  So today who am I?  I am whole, I am Wild Joy, I am peaceful, I am compassionate and I am Love.

What I do……. In my Wild Joys Life I play many roles I am an artist and creative spirit. Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Whole-Body Wellness Coach, former Chiropractor, and student of life. I am a Mother, a daughter, and a friend.  You see, My personal mission is to learn and evolve spiritually; To reach deep within myself and find the courage to live and shine as my most Magnificent self. To really learn to Be Love, to Be Compassion, to Be Joy, and to live from that place. My journey through  life has taken me through much learning  ~ Physically ~ Mentally ~ Emotionally ~ Spiritually.  For me this is my daily journey of BEing who I am and Living Wild Joy. I have learned many things from my personal experience and self-exploration Some of those experiences have been fun and joyful, others have been long and painful, and through all experiences there has been great learning.  I believe that we all are mirrors of learning for each other and I am here to create a community of women who truly desire to learn from one another and create their own life of Wild Joy.

What would Change in Your world if you found Wild Joy?

  • Would your career be passion filled and feel like play?
  • Would your relationships be more satisfying and loving?
  • Would you embrace your own happiness, regardless of current circumstances?
  • Would your Spiritual life be deeply fulfilling?
  • Would you Be loved beyond your wildest imagination?

All of this and more is Possible!

The Greatest gift you can give yourself and those you love is to heal you! The greatest gift I can give you, or anyone in this world, is the gift of healing myself by learning how to embrace The Wild Joys of Living.  Doing so is a very dynamic, conscious and intentional process. It is my way of being the change I wish to see in the world. I am here to share learning,  tools,  and support which are same things that sustain me in my journey of Wild Joy. It is my hope that your journey might be gentle and easeful.  That You can create your own Wild Joy, discover and live your authentic self.  There is no accident that you are here and I appreciate your coming! Thank you for changing my life.

Join Me In Discovering  Wild Joy

I have created an online community for Wild Joy Seekers.  I would love for you to join me there.  I will be sharing my support processes and learning. Join me there to explore through journaling, art, books, clubs, workshops, and self discovery exercises. Most of all find support and someone to talk to when you are facing challenges or digging deep to make changes for yourself.

Who Is this For?

  • Women who are beginning or continuing their personal journey of self-exploration.
  • Women who are looking to create wellness of their ~ Bodies ~ Minds ~ Emotions ~ Spirits.
  • Women who are ready and willing to Celebrate their Be-ing.
  • Women who are facing change or transition in their world.
  • Women who are ready and willing to invest in themselves, and make new choices about their Be-ing.
  • Women who are willing to Let Go of pain and limiting patterns in their life.
  • Women who are ready to play big and Embrace their own Wild Joy.

What’s Here For You

I encourage you to explore the pages here and make use of the information shared.  Learn What Wild Joy Living  can mean for your life.  Take part in the Wild Joys of Living online community and find support, learning opportunities, discussion groups, Art groups, request a free 30 minute Coaching Exploration Session or a Spiritual Healing Session. Make the Choice to change your life for the better and know you are never alone!

Welcome to The Wild Joys of Living!

~ Laurie


Comments on: "About Wild Joys Living" (3)

  1. Leigh Hintze said:

    I love this! Your quote about the WOW ride hits home. Wanna do some broadside skidding together?

  2. Leigh Hintze said:

    I love that your blog gives such concrete examples of both language and behaviors to try on (or not). Your article on being “nervy” gave me great alternative ways of thinking of how my taking care of me and owning my journey can be the most loving thing for those around me, too. Thanks! Leigh Hintze

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